Compliance Information

Registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Municipal Securities Regulatory Board (MSRB), JFBP LLC provides municipal advisor services to Jewish organizations who are seeking to obtain tax-exempt and taxable debt from financial institutions in addition to advising on publicly offered transactions.

As a registered Municipal Advisor firm, JFBP LLC is subject to the rules and regulations on municipal advisory activities established by the SEC and the MSRB. The website for the SEC is and the website for the MSRB is On the MSRB website, there is a brochure that describes the protections that may be provided by the MSRB rule and how to file a complaint with the MSRB or the SEC.

JFBP LLC’s most recent Form MA and each most recent Form MA-I filed with the SEC are available on the SEC’s EDGAR electronic filing system. There are no legal or disciplinary events pertinent to the integrity or operations of JFBP LLC or JFBP LLC’s management or advisor disclosed or that should be disclosed on any Form MA or Form MA-I filed with the SEC. Pam Kurtzman has passed both the Series 50 and Series 54 exams which qualifies her both as a Municipal Advisor Representative and Municipal Advisor Principal.

Each borrower is responsible for repayment of its own debt and compliance with its contractual obligations. Neither The Jewish Federations of North America, Inc (JFNA) nor JFBP LLC, the Program Administrator, will be a borrower or a guarantor under this Program. JFBP’s role is limited to facilitating access to benefits and to interacting on an ongoing basis with the borrower in accordance with a contract between it and the borrower. 

JFed Financing Solutions is administered by JFBP LLC, which is a 501(c)(3) wholly owned subsidiary of JFNA.